Best Foods for Dry Eyes (Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms)

Best Foods for Dry Eyes

Today we’re going to discuss the best foods for dry eyes. The glands that produce tears and the ducts that the tears drain through are controlled by vitamin A.

A vitamin A deficiency can cause the inner lining of the ducts and the glands to get thicker and rougher. The production of tears or fluids can also diminish.

Dry eyes

Dry eyes

Let’s discuss the foods for dry eyes .

Now the glands that produce tears and little ducts that the tears drain through are controlled by Vitamin a .

So Vitamin a has everything to do with controlling what those cells that line the inside of the the gland , and also the inside of the body like the little ducts , and also other tissue that line the inside of your body .

So if there’s a vitamin a deficiency , the inner lining of the ducts , as well as the gland can malform .

It can get thicker .

The tissue can get rougher , and the actual production of the tear or fluids diminish .

So an average person who has dry eyes , not knowing this , will tend to get the drops in the eyes .

And hopefully , they won’t go to the steroid drops because that creates all sorts of side effects .

Vitamin A deficiency symptoms

So the three top Vitamin A Symptoms would be , number 1 , dry eyes , night blindness .

 night blindness .

You can actually go blind .

There’s quite a high percentage of children in certain countries that are vitamin a deficient when they’re very young , and they go blind .

So So there’s a huge connection between vitamin a and your vision .

And then blurred vision .

Now vitamin a does a lot of other things too related to your immune system , your mucus membranes .

But for what we’re talking about , dry eyes is definitely a vitamin a deficiency .

Top symptoms of a vitamin A deficiency:

  • Night blindness
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes

Vitamin A supplements

Now I don’t recommend you go out and buy Vitamin A for this simply because , a lot of the Vitamin A out there is synthetic , and that comes with the package .

There’s a lot of side effects .

But here are the foods that are very high in Vitamin A .

Foods high in vitamin A

The top one is Cobb Liver Oil .

You can also get Cobb Liver in a can .

It’s actually quite good .

I put a link down below .

Liver has a lot of Vitamin A .

Fatty fish has a good amount of Vitamin A .

Butter and ghee have Vitamin A .

Vitamin A .

Cheese has vitamin a , especially if it’s fattier cheese .

Egg yolks are loaded with vitamin a , and beef has vitamin a .

Taking a vitamin A supplement may not be the best solution in this situation. Instead, you could try getting the vitamin A you need from food.

The best foods for dry eyes:

  • 1. Cod liver oil
  • 2. Liver
  • 3. Fatty fish
  • 4. Butter
  • 5. Cheese
  • 6. Egg yolk
  • 7. Beef

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Pre-vitamin A

Now unfortunately , the actual definition of vitamin a also includes pre vitamin a , beta carotene , and some other , carotenoids .

This is not actually vitamin a even though it’s classified as vitamin a .

It’s because it has to be converted into the active form of vitamin a which is retinol .

So when you buy food and you look at the back of the label and it says has this much vitamin a , a , don’t be deceived because they could be talking about the precursor .

Now what is the significance of that ?

Well , the conversion to the active form of vitamin a is not that great .

In other words it takes 20 molecules of the precursor to convert into 1 molecule of the active form of vitamin a .

vitamin a .

Not only that , 50% of the population has a genetic variant .

It’s called a polymorphism , which prevents this conversion to a certain degree .

So don’t depend on your Vitamin A for the precursors .

Now Beta Carotene and other Carotenoids which are Phytonutrients have great benefits .

Other great benefits or Antioxidants , they do a lot but they’re not the same as retinol .

So if you’re trying to fix your dry eyes and you’re taking beta carotene , it may not work .

Retinol is only in animal products .

So if you were a vegan and you have dry eyes , this could be the reason you’re not converting to the active form of retinal .

Now there’s other problems as well .

Let’s say you’re consuming these foods right here and you still have dry eyes .

Problems absorbing vitamin A

Well , it could be you have inflammation in the gut because you had a history of antibiotics .

 liver , fatty liver

It could be because you have some problem with your liver , fatty liver , or your gallbladder , or you had your gallbladder removed and you’re deficient in bile , or you have SIBO , small intestinal bacterial overgrowth , which robs certain nutrients .

The way you would know that is every time you eat you feel extremely bloated especially with fiber and vegetables .

And I already mentioned , fatty liver , but it could also be an inflamed liver .

So anything wrong with the liver can impair the ability to absorb vitamin a .

And vitamin a is stored in the liver .

But as it starts to fill up with fat , you lose the ability to store vitamin a and other fat soluble vitamins .

Alright .

I think I covered everything I wanted to cover .

Thanks for Reading.

Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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