You need saturated fats for cellular membranes.


  • -Grass-fed animal fats (cheese, butter, etc.)
  • -Olive oil
  • -Avocado
  • -Nut butters
  • -Flax oi
  • -Tahini (sesame seeds)
  • -Wild caught fish


  • -Soy
  • -Corn
  • -Cottonseed
  • -Canola fat
  • -Trans fats (hydrogenated)
  • -Restaurant oils
Grass-fed fats

Grass-fed fats

Grass fed fats , all the animal products , beef , chicken , turkey , are all good .

Of course , cheese , grass fed cheese is really good .

Butter , grass fed butter is good .

Grass fed cream , all that’s really good .

Olive oil .

Even though it’s omega 6 , it’s which is usually inflammatory , olive oil does not create inflammation .

So that’s a really awesome good oil .

Palm oil is good .

Coconut oil is really good .

Nuts and seeds have healthy oils .

Peanut butter , almond butter , other nut butters are good too .

Just make sure it doesn’t have sugar in it or any type of additional thing .

I like to get peanut butter organic with sea salt .

Avocado is awesome .


Flaxseed oil is good because even though , it helps to balance estrogen , it will not increase estrogen beyond your normal limit .

What it does , it gives you more good estrogen and it eliminates the bad estrogen so the ratios are better .

It will not increase more total estrogen than you already have in your body .

So you don’t have to worry about it .

But this is a great omega 3 , fatty acid .

Sesame seed oil

Sesame seed oil is really good as well .

This is good for the blood .

It’s also in something called tahini .

You can get it at the health store or any grocery store has it .



So then we have lard , which is from pork , and taylor , which is from beef .

So I’m not promoting that you’re consuming large amounts of this , but if you’re consuming different foods and it’s in the pan , it is not a problem at all .

The only thing is with people with gallbladder issues , if they consume too much saturated fats , it might aggravate the gallbladder .

And these animal products are not grain fed .

They’re grass fed .

Wild caught fish , a totally healthy type of omega 3 fat .

Now I put fish oils in the middle because if you’re getting your fish oils from Costco or some large grocery store , It could be pretty rancid , so the quality is not there .

So if you want a good fish oil , I would get some that’s high quality .

I like the virgin cod liver oil the best , but you can shop around for something very high quality .

Safflower oil and sunflower oil are right in the middle too .

These oils are not a problem .

It’s just that they’re high in omega 6 .

So if you’re consuming a lot of omega 6 and not enough omega 3 , it could create more inflammation because omega 6 is inflammatory and omega 3 is anti inflammatory .

Soy , corn , cottonseed , canola ,

Bad Fats

Then we get to the bad fats .

Soy , corn , cottonseed , canola , GMO and also omega 6 .

So they’re very inflammatory .

I would stay away from them .

Margarine , stay away from it .

It’s a trans fat .

So it’s an altered fat .

You’re gonna see it either partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated .

Just stay away from it .

It’s gonna create problems .

So be careful about the oils in restaurant foods especially if they’re frying it , because of the amount of soy they use .

Unless you’re going to a carnival and getting your fried foods or the state fair or the all you can eat buffet .

And I’m being very sarcastic because all of those places have soy or corn oil .

Or probably hydrogenated oils .

Now , one point I wanted to make about saturated fats .

You need saturated fats for 50% of the cellular membranes that you have in your body .

So it’s a necessity .

It’s a beneficial thing .

Now I do wanna bring up the fact that people are freaked out about saturated fats , but the Framingham study , which is an extremely large study over a long period of time , found some interesting data .

I’ll put a link down below .

They found this and you might find this hard to believe that the more saturated fats that you eat , the less heart attacks you get .

heart attack

Now , I’m gonna put some data down below to check this out , but that’s a fact .

Okay ?

So saturated fats do not create a problem .

It’s the insulin .

It’s the sugars that do it .

And the other really important fact I wanna bring up is that there is no study that connects consuming high cholesterol foods with increasing your cholesterol .

Okay ?

Why ?

Because your body makes cholesterol and if you eat more , it makes less .

That’s interesting .

And the last point I wanna bring up is the plaque that clogs your arteries is actually 26% saturated fats and the rest of it is unsaturated fats .

So you don’t have to be afraid of consuming healthy saturated fats .

Really , you need to be concerned about the unsaturated ones especially if they’re GMO .

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Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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