4 Subclinical Vitamin C Deficiency Signs that are Extremely Common

4 Subclinical Vitamin C Deficiency Signs that are Extremely Common

You may have heard of scurvy, which is a severe vitamin C deficiency. This is also called a classical vitamin C deficiency. A subclinical vitamin C deficiency means you have some vitamin C, but you don’t have the full amount. 

Let’s talk about the importance of vitamin c and something called a subclinical vitamin c deficiency .

Classical vs. subclinical vitamin C deficiencies

Now you may have heard the term scurvy before , which is a very serious vitamin c deficiency .

Another term for that is called classical vitamin c deficiency , but subclinical is that you have some vitamin c , but you don’t have the full amount .

What vitamin C ?

What vitamin C

Now what does vitamin c do ?

Well , mainly it works as an antioxidant .

Protecting against , free radical damage .

It has a real big important purpose in collagen growth and repair .

I’m talking about connective tissue , ligaments , tendons , fascia , cartilage , all the things related to your joints .

ligaments vitamin c do

It’s also necessary to make noradrenaline .

And when you’re low in noradrenaline , you’re just not awake .

You’re tired all the time .

It’s also necessary in the function of Carnitine , which has to do with delivering fat to the mitochondria , the furnace to burn fat .

So fat oxidation .

So if you’re low in Vitamin C you’re not gonna get the full fat oxidation to make energy .

Also , your white blood cells , part of the immune system , are saturated with vitamin c .

So if you don’t have enough vitamin C , your immune system cannot work .

Vitamin C Scurvy symptoms

When you have a very severe deficiency , as in scurvy , you have wounds that won’t heal .

You’ll get gingivitis , inflammation of the gums .

You’ll get perifollicular hemorrhage .

Now what is that ?

Vitamin C Scurvy symptoms  follicles on your skin .

That is the little red dots on the follicles on your skin .

It could be in your butt .

It could be certain places in your body .

That’s about MSC Deficiency .

Fatigue , red purple blotches , similar to spider veins but you sometimes you see them on the lower leg .

You’ll see them very commonly with diabetics .

And there’s a lot of other symptoms as well .

Foods rich in vitamin C

Now how do you get vitamin c ?

These are the foods that have a lot of vitamin c .

Papaya , which I don’t recommend .

Foods rich in vitamin C

Kiwi , which I don’t recommend , bell pepper , which I do recommend , leafy greens , a lot of other vegetables are loaded with vitamin C , berries , cruciferous vegetables .

And in addition to this , a lot of times people take a supplement .

Many people also take vitamin C supplements. Just be sure your supplement is not synthetic. Make sure it’s food-based. Acerola cherry is also a great source of vitamin C

Just make sure that your supplement is not synthetic .

Make sure it’s food based .

This is a really good source of vitamin c , acerola cherry , which is very different than the regular cherries that you would eat , but this is loaded with vitamin C .

Things that can inhibit vitamin C absorption

So in addition to getting your vitamin C from food , there’s things that will block or inhibit vitamin c absorption .

Things that can inhibit vitamin C absorption

Smoking will inhibit vitamin c in your body .

If you’re pregnant , the need for vitamin c goes way up .

As you get older and you age , your vitamin c goes down , so you need more vitamin c for repair .

Why ?

Things that can inhibit vitamin C absorption -older and you age

Because it’s an antioxidant .

Also , overtraining with exercise can inhibit your vitamin c .

And this is interesting too .

When you eat sugar , you compete with vitamin c .

So you will not be able to absorb vitamin C if you’re consuming sugar , and if you’re diabetic and you have high levels of sugar .

That’s gonna block your ability to absorb vitamin c

Key Points:

What does vitamin C do?

• It works as an antioxidant
• It’s involved in collagen growth and repair
• It helps make noradrenaline
• It’s necessary in the function of carnitine
• Your white blood cells are saturated with vitamin C

Scurvy symptoms:

• Wounds that can’t heal
• Gingivitis
• Perifollicular hemorrhage
• Fatigue
• Red/purple blotches

Foods that are rich in vitamin C:

• Papaya (I don’t recommend)
• Kiwi (I don’t recommend)
• Bell peppers
• Greens
• Berries
• Cruciferous vegetables

Things that can inhibit vitamin C absorption and potentially cause vitamin C deficiency signs:

• Smoking
• Age
• Overtraining
• Sugar

Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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