Vitamin C Deficiency (Subclinical Scurvy) – Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

Vitamin C Deficiency (Subclinical Scurvy)

In this topic, we’re going to talk about subclinical scurvy. Scurvy is a severe vitamin C deficiency. When it’s classified as subclinical, that means it doesn’t show up on a typical blood test because it’s still developing. Another term for this is latent scurvy.

Scurvy can sneak up on you if you’re not consuming enough vitamin C. Find out which scurvy symptoms to look out for!

we’re gonna talk about something called subclinical scurvy .

What is scurvy?

Now what does scurvy mean ?

Scurvy is a severe vitamin c deficiency .

What is subclinical?

Subclinical is something that doesn’t show up on a blood test or a usual test .

So it might be that you’re kind of slowly developing a vitamin c deficiency .

You’re not quite a full blown , but it’s just before that phase , kind of like a pre diabetes type situation .

In another word for that is called latent scurvy, where you have deficiencies , but it doesn’t show up yet .

Okay ?

Because you just don’t end up one day with a scurvy .

Vitamin C deficiency

It kind of slowly starts to , happen and a lot of people are deficient in vitamin C .

In fact , 1 out of , 5 men are deficient in vitamin C .

1 out of 9 , women are deficient in vitamin C .

Vitamin C deficiency bleeding gums .

One person might have it in their like gums as bleeding gums .

Another person could have it in their muscles as a weak inflamed muscle , where someone else could have it in the arteries of the heart .

Okay ?

So it could be different for different people .

So that’s why sometimes it’s hard to have this , you know , perfect , diagnosis of vitamin c deficiency deficiency and go , oh , you have these three things so you have it .

Okay .

Because it could be actually have a wide range of things .

So I wanted to kind of give you an overview , kind of just a general idea of what could occur if you’re starting to become deficient in vitamin c .

And maybe you’re not a full blown scurvy case , but you have some of the symptoms .

Okay .

Subclinical scurvy signs and symptoms

Here here’s some of the symptoms .

Fatigue , you feel weak , irritable , leg pain , inflammation , achy joints , muscles .

I mean , this is very , very common .

Now instead of going out there and getting very expensive tests to figure this out , all you have to do is start consuming , foods high in vitamin c and see if you get better .

See if these things clear right up , and you’re probably gonna find they do .

That’s actually the easiest thing to do .

 vascular system and Subclinical scurvy signs and symptoms

But the tissue in your body that is most susceptible to vitamin c deficiencies is your vascular system because vitamin c has a purpose of keeping the collagen in the arteries nice and strong and elastic .

Vitamin C deficiency and scurvy

When you don’t have vitamin c , you get certain , like , little lesions or holes in the arteries .

So vitamin c is intimately involved in vascular integrity .

And so you have capillary damage , which really happens with high levels of sugar in the blood or glucose in the blood .

Vitamin C deficiency and scurvy

Being a prediabetic or a diabetic , and then you end up having high insulin , what happens is that high amount of sugar competes with vitamin c .

So you’ll actually When sugar goes up , your vitamin c goes down .

Then you become susceptible to getting capillary damage , and so you have little areas of bleeding in the artery and inflammation , and then comes the cholesterol and the calcium as a band aid .

This can also happen in your skin as rosacea .

It can happen on the gums as bleeding gums .

It can happen in your nose as a nosebleed .

So really , you need vitamin c to protect you against high levels of sugar , because this can also affect the capillaries to the nerves as well .

Another nutrient that will protect this is is b 1 , but vitamin c will do it too .

How can I prevent scurvy?

So , you wanna start increasing your vegetable content .

Dark leafy greens .

The bell pepper is loaded with it .

Cabbage , sauerkraut , fermented , actually has a tremendous amount of vitamin c .

Berries have vitamin c , other vegetables .

Now , citrus also has vitamin c .

But when you buy bottled lemon juice or lime juice , it’s pasteurized , so there’s hardly any vitamin c in there .

lemon juice

So the key with this is have actual lemons and get your juice from the lemons if you’re trying to get your vitamin c from it .

So I just wanted to bring this up .

You may have these symptoms .

You wanna prevent this right here .

And the way you do it is through the foods , having foods higher in vitamin c and also keeping your sugars low by doing keto and intermittent fasting .

Key Points:

Here are some of the symptoms of scurvy:
•Capillary damage
•Bleeding gums
•Leg pain
•Achy joints and muscles

Before spending money on expensive tests, try consuming foods high in vitamin C to see if you improve!

Your vascular system is most susceptible to vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C keeps the collagen in your arteries strong and elastic. Without enough vitamin C, your arteries can develop lesions and lose their vascular integrity.

The best way to prevent scurvy is to eat foods rich in vitamin C and keep your blood sugars low by going on keto and doing intermittent fasting.

Capillary damage occurs when you have high levels of sugar in your blood. Sugar competes with the vitamin C in your body, causing vitamin C levels to drop. When you have capillary damage, arterial bleeding, and inflammation, your body sends cholesterol and calcium to repair the damage.

This can also happen in your skin, resulting in rosacea. You can also develop bleeding gums, a nosebleed, or experience damage to your nerves. In addition to vitamin C, vitamin B1(thiamine) can help protect your body from high levels of sugar in your blood.

Try some of these foods to help prevent vitamin C deficiency and scurvy:
•Dark leafy greens
•Bell peppers
•Citrus fruits

Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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