Secrets of (Vitamin B3 Deficiency) and Subclinical Pellagra


In this topic, we talk about subclinical pellagra. Pellagra is a vitamin B3 deficiency called 3D’s; Dementia, Diarrhea, and Dermatitis.

Subclinical Pellagra 

Subclinical Pellagra

Subclinical pellagra means you don’t have the full-blown deficiency but you are deficient. There is a neurological condition called neurasthenia which is the exhaustion of the central nervous system (Energy Reserves).

So pellagra is a vitamin b 3 deficiency .

And when you have pellagra , it’s a classical b three deficiency and then it’s called the 3 d’s , dementia , diarrhea , and you get dermatitis .

Okay ?

Usually around the neck , in the hands .

It can be a pretty serious , condition , but there is also a subclinical pellagra where you’re not you don’t have a full blown deficiency , but you are deficient .

Okay ?

Subclinical Pellagra symptoms

And I wanna talk about what that would create as far as symptoms .


There’s a neurological condition called neurosthenia , which is exhaustion of the central nervous system .

So the energy reserves of your nervous system in the mitochondria is exhausted .

So you’re mentally exhausted .

You’re mentally tired .

Headache , irritable , intracranial pressure , digestive issues , fainting if you get up too fast .

 Vitamin B3 - tired

Symptoms of Neurasthenia:

  • • Mentally tired
  • • Headache
  • • Irritability
  • • Digestion
  • • Fainting
  • • Different Neurological Perception Changes
  • • Words move when reading
  • • Ground moves when walking
  • • Picture moves
  • • Loss of Taste / Smell

Vitamin B3 or niacin is a coenzyme involved in a lot of different chemical reactions inside the body and especially in mitochondria. It has the ability to protect against diabetes especially type 1 and it can also lower your cholesterol.

Causes of Vitamin B3 Deficiency

  • • Consuming alcohol
  • • Chronic diarrhea
  • • Excessive leucine
  • • Inflamed gut
  • • Gastric bypass
  • • Corn
  • • Refined carbs and sugar

Best Source of Vitamin B3

Nutritional Yeast -Vitamin B3

• Nutritional Yeast

neurological perception changes 

Also , you have different , neurological perception changes as well .

Let’s say for example , you’re looking into mirror at yourself and you just see that the your face is changing .

Or let’s say you’re reading something on a piece of paper and the words are moving , or you’re walking and the ground is , moving , or you’re looking at the wall at the picture and you see , it going back and forth .

It can also affect your taste .

You lose the sense of taste and smell , and sometimes you actually smell something that’s not even there .

So Vitamin B3 or niacin is really a coenzyme involved in a lot of different chemical reactions inside the body , especially in the mitochondria , the energy factor of the cell .

And the way you can become depleted is by drinking a lot of alcohol , like in college .

Chronic diarrhea , excessive leucine , that’s an amino acid , inflamed gut , gastric bypass consuming too much corn .

Corn has a protein that can block the absorption of vitamin b 3 .


Also , refined carbohydrates and refined sugars will also create a vitamin b 3 deficiency .

Niacin , which is b 3 , has the ability to protect against diabetes , especially type 1 .

So it helps counter the destruction or the oxidation of the cell that makes insulin .

Niacin also , can lower your cholesterol .

So you can see that vitamin b 3 is very , very important in a lot of different functions .

I recommend getting your Vitamin B3 from nutritional yeast .

But if you have any of these symptoms right here , start taking niacin in higher amounts .

And you can safely take niacin at 10 to 15 x the normal amounts .


Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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