7 Unusual Vitamin B1 Deficiency Symptoms

7 Unusual Vitamin B1 Deficiency Symptoms

Today I want to cover 7 weird vitamin B1 deficiency symptoms. Vitamin B1 is probably one of the most important vitamins.

Typically if you’re deficient in B1 (thiamine), you might feel anxious, nervous, or stressed. But, there are interesting additional symptoms that can be connected to a vitamin B1 deficiency.

It’s probably one of the most important vitamins .

B1 deficiency

If you’re deficient , typically you’re gonna feel anxious .

You’re gonna feel nervous .

You’re gonna have stress , but there’s some real interesting additional symptoms that you need to be aware of that’s connected to b 1 .

Unusual vitamin B1 deficiency symptoms

7 odd vitamin B1 deficiency symptoms:

  • 1. Raynaud’s syndrome (blue fingertips when exposed to the cold)
  • 2. Morning sickness and hypersensitivity to odors
  • 3. Increased heart rate
  • 4. Edema
  • 5. Psychosis
  • 6. Shortness of breath
  • 7. Dizziness when going from sitting to standing
If you experience any of these odd vitamin B1 deficiency symptoms, you may want to take nutritional yeast.

Number 1 Raynaud’s phenomena or syndrome .

What is Raynaud’s phenomena ?

That’s a situation where your fingertips turn literally blue when you actually get exposed to cold .

fingertips turn literally blue

So what’s behind that is a B1 deficiency .

If you don’t have enough B1 , your autonomic nervous system does not work right .

It doesn’t adapt to stress , gravity stress , and even temperature stress .

So the venous blood tends to accumulate in the ends of your fingertips when you have this condition .

So it’s a b1 deficiency .

Number 2 , morning sickness .

That would be the feeling of nauseousness or you want to even vomit .

That’s a b1 deficiency as well .

Now there’s a sub symptom of morning sickness , which is a hypersensitivity to certain types of odors .

So if a woman is pregnant and she just cannot stand to be in a certain room because of a certain odor because it’s like overbearing , that is a B1 deficiency as well .


Number 3 increased pulse rate or heart rate .

That is a b1 deficiency .

Number 4 edema , swelling in the ankles .

A lot of times people associate that with , sodium retention or fluid retention , but it could be a b1 deficiency .

Because when you get a b1 deficiency , you have what’s called a subclinical beriberi , and there’s wet beriberi , which involves a cardiovascular system , and dry beriberi , which involves the nervous system .

a cardiovascular system ,

This one is under the category of a wet beriberi , which is a cardiovascular problem , which you’ll get edema .

Number 5 , psychosis could be a B1 deficiency .

Now this person who is psychotic is completely disconnected from reality .

They’re not sane , they’re not rational , they’re not reasonable , and I’m sure you’ve never run into anyone like that .

number 6 , shortness of breath , your breathing .

Air hunger , especially at night , is a b1 deficiency .

Number 7 you’re dizzy from going from a seated position or when you’re lying down to standing up .

If you stand up and you feel disoriented or dizzy , that’s a b1 deficiency because a b1 deficiency has everything to do with the failure to adapting to stress , gravity , you name it .

So if you have any of these odd symptoms , you need to be taking nutritional yeast .

Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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