vitamin B1 Best Vitamin for Emotional Instability& Delirium

Best Vitamin for Emotional Instability – Vitamin B1 & Delirium

Today I want to share with you the best vitamin (vitamin B1) for emotional instability. There are other causes of emotional instability that have nothing to do with nutrition as well. But, I want to talk about the nutrient connection to your emotions. I believe the best vitamin for emotional instability may be vitamin B1

If you’re deficient in vitamin B1, you could experience emotional instability and delirium. Delirium is mental confusion and emotional disruption. Delirium can also often occur when an alcoholic or drug addict is going through withdrawal symptoms. 

Emotional instability 

Let’s talk about the best vitamin for emotional instability .

Now there are other causes of emotional instability that have nothing to do with your nutrition .

I’m gonna talk about the nutrient connection to your emotions .

The best vitamin for emotional instability 

It’s a deficiency of vitamin b 1 .

If you’re deficient in b 1 , you may experience emotional instability and delirium .

What is delirium?

It’s mental confusion and emotional disruption .

Which also occurs frequently when an alcoholic is going through withdrawal symptoms or even a drug addict goes through these withdrawal symptoms .

The brain and vitamin B1


Now there are certain specific parts of your brain that require vitamin b 1 .

Here they are , the hippocampus which has a lot to do with your memory and also like a relay switch with your emotions .

The amygdala , which has a lot to do with stress responses , very similar to the adrenal but in your brain , needs b 1 .

Because of course stress depletes b 1 .

And the mammillary bodies which are two structures in the brain which not only can influence emotions but also spatial memory .

Your ability to remember , where locations are in time and space .

So let’s say , for example , you have a hard time finding some location because you don’t have a GPS , you don’t have a map , and someone told you where to go .

And you’re like , I’m not sure how to get there .

That’s a problem with the mammillary body .

So these three structures need a lot of b1 to function .

Another interesting thing is when you electrically stimulate nerves within these structures , they give off a high rate of vitamin b 1 , 80 times more than resting nerves .

resting nerves .

The more that you’re using these structures , the more b1 is necessary .

There are certain specific parts of the brain that require B1:

  • • The hippocampus 
  • • The Amygdala
  • • The mammillary bodies

The RDAs for B1

The RDAs for b1 is only 2 milligrams .

B1 is water soluble .

So you don’t really store a lot of it .

And your body needs a small amount of it , but it needs it consistently .

So if you’re consuming a lot of glucose or you go through a lot of stress or a lot of refined foods or even chlorine , that can also deplete your b1 .

Now your b one needs also depend on the amount of carbohydrates .


The more carbohydrates , the more sugar you’re consuming , the more b one that you’re gonna need .

Now what’s really wild is like potassium .

You need 47 100 milligrams .

In b one , you only need 2 milligrams .

So again , you don’t need much , but you need it consistently .

The RDAs for vitamin B1 is only 2mg. Vitamin B1 is water-soluble, so you don’t store a lot of it. You’re body only needs a small amount of it, but it needs it consistently.

You will need more vitamin B1 if you consume carbs. The more carbohydrates or sugar you consume, the more vitamin B1 you’ll need.

Things that can deplete vitamin B1:

  • • Glucose 
  • • Stress
  • • Chlorine 
  • • Refined foods

Symptoms of a vitamin B1 deficiency

Other symptoms that a b1 deficiency will create would be irritability , depression , anxiety , confusion , memory loss , lack of initiative , poor ability to learn , and poor concentration ..

Other vitamin B1 deficiency symptoms:

  • 1. Irritability 
  • 2. Depression 
  • 3. Anxiety 
  • 4. Confusion
  • 5. Memory loss
  • 6. Lack of initiative 
  • 7. Poor learning 
  • 8. Poor concentration 

The best source of vitamin B1 

If you’re gonna buy a b1 supplement , I highly recommend you don’t buy a synthetic version .

You get a natural version .

 nutritional yeast

But if you get an unfortified or unenriched nutritional yeast , that will have enough b 1 .

Thanks for reading .

Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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