Vitamin B1: The Best 7 Foods High in Vitamin B1

Top Foods High in Vitamin B1

Now in many other articles, I’ve talked about the importance of vitamin and Vitamin B1 , because if you’re deficient , this is what’s gonna happen .

Symptoms of low vitamin B1

The first symptom you’re gonna get is a type of anxiety or a nervous like restless feeling , which is really going to affect your ability to tolerate stress .


So you’re going to be a bit edgy .

So restlessness , even restless leg syndrome is a B1 deficiency .

If it becomes very severe , you start developing panic attacks .

The fastest way to get rid of a panic attack is to take some B1 .

Also , you have lack of stamina and fatigue and even an excess amount of sweating .

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone that just breaks out in a sweat for no reason , or they’re always sweating .

That’s a B1 deficiency .

some of the symptoms you can experience:

  • • Anxiety
  • • Restlessness
  • • Panic attack
  • • Lack of stamina
  • • Excessive sweating

The best source of vitamin B1

nutritional yeast ,

nutritional yeast , because it’s a natural source , especially if you get it unfortified without the synthetic vitamins they usually add in there .

Now if you’re doing short term synthetic vitamins , it should be okay , but a long term maintenance dose of synthetic B1 , not a good idea .

The best source of vitamin B1 is nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is the best natural source of B vitamins. Avoid taking synthetic vitamin B supplements.

Other foods with vitamin B1

But these are the foods that have the most b1.


other sources of vitamin B1.

  • 1. Pork 6oz – 1.1mg (96% of RDA)
  • 2. Salmon 6oz – .6mg (48% of RDA)
  • 3. Flax 1oz – .5mg (39% of RDA)
  • 4. Sunflower feeds 1oz – .4mg (35% of RDA)
  • 5. Green peas 1 cup – .4mg (35% of RDA)
  • 6. Macadamia nuts 1oz – .3mg (30% of RDA)
  • 7. Acorn squash 1 cup – .3mg (30% of RDA)

pork .Now , of course , a lot of people don’t eat pork .

It’s totally fine .

You can get b one from many other sources , but I’m just gonna mention the foods that have the most b one .

So 6 ounces of pork will give you 1.1 milligrams of b1 , which will give you 96% of your RDAs .

Now normally , an adult needs between 1.01.2 milligrams of b1 .

. Salmon has a good amount of B1 .


In 6 ounces , you’re getting 0.6 milligrams , which will give you 48% of your RDAs .

Flaxseeds .

Okay , 1 ounce will give you a half of a milligram , 0.5 milligrams , which is 39% of your RDAs .

sunflower seeds .

One ounce is 0.4 milligrams , will give you 35% of the RDAs .

Green peas , 1 cup will give you 0.4 milligrams , 35% .

Macadamia nuts , 1 ounce , 0.3 milligrams , will give you 30% .

Acorn squash , 1 cup , will give you 0.3 milligrams , which is 30% of your requirements for b one .

Things that cause low vitamin B1

It’s not just the consumption of foods that have b1

It’s certain foods that you’re eating or certain things that are depleting B1 .

Consuming refined sugars and carbohydrates severely deplete B1 .


Chronic stress will deplete B1 .

Taking diuretics depletes b 1 .

Metformin , if you’re taking that medication for diabetes , that depletes b 1 .

If you’re diabetic or a pre diabetic and you have high blood sugars , that alone can create a b one deficiency .

On top of getting more vitamin B1 in your diet, you also need to

avoid things that deplete B1.:

  • • Refined sugar
  • • Refined carbs
  • • Chronic stress
  • • Diuretics
  • • High blood sugar/glucose

Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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