Discover the 3 Hidden Vitamin Deficiencies in Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Let’s talk about the the 3 Hidden Vitamin Deficiencies common nutritional deficiencies in Sciatica , as well as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome .

Now sciatica can really be a pain in the butt , literally .

Common deficiencies in sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome

You have this pain that goes right on the back of the leg , and it can really affect someone if they’re sitting or driving , and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be a big issue .

sciatica Vitamin b6

And sometimes people go for surgery when in fact , they probably didn’t need to do that .

So today , I’m gonna discuss 3 common nutritional deficiencies .

And they involve the b vitamins , Vitamin b 1 , Vitamin b 6 , and Vitamin b 12 .

So we’re gonna discuss , a little bit on how to differentiate if your problem is more of a Vitamin b 6 deficiency , or a Vitamin b 12 deficiency , or aVitamin b 1 .

But these 3 vitamins are intimately involved in the nervous system and especially sciatic nerve and carpal tunnel syndrome , which is pain or numbness , in your wrist .

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 benefits

  • • Helps build the myelin sheath
  • • Helps produce neurotransmitters
  • • Helps protect sensory nerve integrity
  • • Helps increase nerve conduction and velocity
  • • Is involved in the metabolism of the nervous system

Vitamin B6 deficiency causes:

  • • Taking the wrong form of vitamin B6 in large amounts
  • • Gut inflammation
  • • Celiac disease
  • • Crohn’s disease
  • • Age
  • • Certain medications
  • • Alcohol
  • • Birth control pills
  • • Certain genetic variations
  • • Smoking
  • • Diabetes
  • • Excess coffee consumption

It’s important to take the active form of vitamin B6, pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P)

So I want to just dive right in .

Let’s first start with vitamin b 6 .

It’s called Pyredoxin .

Now there’s different forms of Vitamin b 6 .

Pyredoxin is the inactive form it has to convert to another form to be active .

The active form is called Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate or P5P .

This happens in the liver , but you have to realize how important Vitamin b 6is in a lot of problems including the nervous system , because it is involved in over a 160 different enzymes .

Those are enzyme pathways .

So you can have all sorts of problems , but today we’re gonna focus more on the nerve , problems that can occur .

Now Vitamin b 6 helps to make myelin sheath .

That’s one thing it does .

Myelin sheath is the coating around the nerve , and when you lose that coating , the nerve stops working .

You start having symptoms like burning , numbness , tingling , pain , because that nerve keeps everything going , keeps the nerves flowing .

 nerves flowing Vitamin b 6

And so the protein that builds myelin , which is a type of fat insulation , is dependent on Vitamin b 6 , as well as Vitamin b 6 helps produce neurotransmitters .

Those nerve communications that travel through the nervous system , which is a little different than hormones .

Hormones travel through the blood .

As far as b6 is concerned , the 2 big ones are serotonin and dopamine .

Vitamin b 6 is especially important in protecting the nerve integrity , specifically the sensory nerves .

Okay ?

More than the motor nerves .

So there’s 2 types of nerves .

1 that controls the muscle movement , and there’s also the sensory nerve that’s has everything to do with pain and different sensations .

Like it can produce burning pain or numbness or which is the lack of pain .

Anything that you can feel is more of a sensory nerve .

And one big one is sciatica , and another one is carpal tunnel syndrome .

sensory nerve .Vitamin b 6

So I remember in practice , I had a machine that measured how fast the sensory nerves traveled through your arms .

It’s called conduction nerve velocity testing , and we would check these sensory nerves .

And unfortunately , back then I had no clue about Vitamin b 6 and other vitamins , and how they can greatly affect the nerves .

So Vitamin b 6 helps increase the conduction of the nerves , the velocity of nerves , how fast the nerves transmit nerve signals .

Vitamin b 6 can also affect the nerves of the eyes

Vitamin b 6 is also involved in the metabolism of the nervous system as well , and Vitamin b 6 can also affect the nerves of the eyes , and if you’re deficient you can get myopathy which is nearsightedness which is difficulty in seeing far away .

Vitamin b 6 deficiencies are also involved in , seizures .

So if you know anyone that has seizures , you should definitely recommend Vitamin b 6 and or have them watch this video .

Now there’s a paradox with Vitamin b 6 .

They don’t wanna talk about .

It’s a mystery .

Because in some cases when people start taking large quantities of vitamin b 6 , they end up expressing symptoms of a Vitamin b 6 deficiency .

So that’s a little bit of odd thing , but I’m gonna explain exactly why that occurs .

Apparently , these two forms of the vitamin , the inactive and the active can compete with each other .

So let’s say , for example , you start taking a lot of of the precursor to Vitamin b 6 , which is the pyridoxine , you could end up blocking the active form .

Creating a deficiency of Vitamin b 6, creating sensory nerve problems .

Vitamin b 6, creating sensory nerve problems .

Now just think about this .

The RDAs , the requirements for Vitamin b 6 are very small .

It’s like 1.4 to 2.1 milligrams

Well , if you ever buy vitamin B6 in a tablet form , it comes in like 50 milligrams or a 100 milligrams or sometimes 250 milligrams , and this could be like 2,000 times more than the RDAs .

And most of the time people don’t know the difference between these two types of Vitamin b 6 , and they end up taking a lot of the inactive form , and then they end up with the Vitamin b 6 toxicity .

They actually start experiencing neurological problems , and they did not connect the dots .

So straight off the bat , if you have a Vitamin b 6 deficiency , I’m gonna recommend taking the active form not the inactive form of Vitamin b 6 .

Now the other thing you should know is that in about 36% of all supplements sold , you’ll see Vitamin b 6 as the inactive version .


So you could be unknowingly getting a lot of this Vitamin b 6 and actually creating Vitamin b 6 deficiencies without your knowledge .

So how does one become deficient in Vitamin b 6 ?

Well , by taking the wrong form of Vitamin b 6 in large amounts , Let’s see if some inflammation in your gut or some type of problem , with , celiac or Crohn’s , that could be a problem , or maybe you had your gallbladder out .

As we age , it becomes more difficult to absorb Vitamin b 6.

Certain medications , block vitamin b6 .

Alcohol will do it .

Birth control pills will cause a deficiency .

Even your genetics .

There are genetic variations that can be picked up on a gene test that can cause a weakness within your system in converting the inactive to the active as well as just the absorption of Vitamin b 6 .

So in that case , you would want to take larger amounts of the active form of Vitamin b 6 to correct this problem .

So you may not be able to get b 6 from just your diet in general , depending on what you eat because , foods that are very high in b 6 are usually , animal protein foods , fish , meats , things like that .

get b 6 from just your diet in general

And of course , if you were a vegan or vegetarian , you’re more susceptible to becoming Vitamin b 6 deficient .

Also , the form of , Vitamin b 6 in plants is not as bioavailable .

Now if you’re a smoker , if you’re a diabetic , you could be deficient in Vitamin b 6 .

If you drink a lot of coffee , let’s say you drink over 4 cups of coffee a day , you can be deficient in Vitamin b 6 .

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 benefits:

  • • Helps support nerve regeneration
  • • Helps support myelin production
  • • Helps support nerve growth factors

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes:

  • • Certain genetic factors
  • • Lack of animal products in the diet
  • • Low stomach acid
  • • Excess consumption of folic acid
  • • Alcohol
  • • Diabetes
  • • Malabsorption
  • • Birth control pills

It’s important to take the natural form of vitamin B12, methylcobalamin.

The next most important vitamin involved with , nerve problems is Vitamin B12 .

I’ve done lots of articles on this topic .

It’s very , very insidious because it can sneak up on you , and by the time you know you have a b 12 deficiency , potentially could be too late because it can create some serious damage .

serious damage .vitamin B12

But when you think about b 12 , you wanna think about myelin .

Myelin sheath .

That’s that coating I just mentioned that surrounds the nerve and allows the nerve impulses to travel .

Without b 12 , you can’t make myelin .

So b 12 has everything to do with nerve regeneration , with myelin production , and with nerve growth factors .

So b twelve is very very important , and I would not recommend taking the synthetic version called Cyanocobalamin .

I would recommend taking the methyl cabolamine , which is the natural form .

Now virtually the same reasons why you are deficient in Vitamin b 6 could be the same reasons why you’re deficient in b 12 , like drinking too much alcohol , being a diabetic , having malabsorption , birth control pills , definitely genetics , which is very , very common , but there’s some other things as well .

Like for example , not having enough stomach acid .

stomach acid  Vitamin B12

How would you know if you don’t have enough stomach acid ?

Well , you get acid reflux , you would get GERD , you may have a gastritis .

But I think the two main reasons why people are deficient in Vitamin B1 B12 is either they don’t eat animal products .

They don’t eat red meat .

They don’t have liver .

They mainly do plant based foods or grains .

And the other reason is genetics .

I’ve been diving into DNA recently , and and boy , B12 deficiency is a common problem with so many people , and it’s such a simple problem to solve if you understand that methylcobalamin is , the form that you want to take .

But another b 12 deficiency was when someone takes a lot of folic acid that can create , a hidden b 12 deficiency .

I did a whole Topic on that , and then we have Vitamin B1 .

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) benefits:

  • • Helps support blood flow to the nerves
  • • Helps counter the complications of diabetes

Vitamin B1 deficiency causes:

  • • Diabetes, prediabetes, and insulin resistance
  • • Excess coffee consumption
  • • Excess tea consumption

It’s important to take the fat-soluble version of vitamin B1, benfotiamine.

I’ve done Topic on this too .

A Vitamin B1 deficiency , usually shows up as peripheral neuropathy , and it’s usually involved with diabetes or prediabetes or someone who has really bad insulin resistance problems .

Because b one is all about , helping you metabolize carbohydrates and sugar .

So the more carbs or more sugar you eat , the more B1 you’re gonna need to metabolize that .

And so that person usually ends up with a B1 deficiency , and they start having neurological problems in the bottom of the feet , but they also can have them in the hands .

like sciatica .

They can also have these problems in other syndromes like sciatica .

So that would be a little bit of a , differentiating factor .

Do you have a history of eating a lot of carbs ?

Do you have prediabetes ?

Then definitely include Vitamin B1 , but other things can create a Vitamin B1 deficiency too , like too much coffee , too much tea .

much coffee Vitamin B1

But Vitamin B1 is involved with supplying blood flow to the nervous system .

And without that Vitamin B1 , you basically starve off the nervous system , the blood supply and oxygen that it needs , and you can have all sorts of issues .

The type of Vitamin B1 that I would recommend would be benfotiamine , which is a fat soluble version of b one , and that will penetrate the nerves about , 25% stronger , and it’s great for , helping with the myelin sheath .

Vitamin B1 also is a powerful antioxidant , and it can counter the complications from diabetes , not just in the nerves that go to your muscles , but the nerves that go to your eyes , and also other tissues in the heart and the kidney .Vitamin B1


Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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