The Top Keto-Friendly Magnesium-Rich Foods

The Top Keto-Friendly Magnesium-Rich Foods

Discover the top keto-friendly magnesium-rich foods to boost your health. Learn how to meet your daily magnesium needs with delicious options like pumpkin seeds, spinach, and more

Maintaining adequate magnesium levels is crucial for overall health, especially when following a keto diet. Magnesium plays a vital role in numerous bodily functions, from muscle and nerve function to energy production and bone health. However, finding keto-friendly sources of this essential mineral can be challenging. In this article, we reveal the top keto-friendly magnesium-rich foods that will help you meet your daily magnesium needs while staying in ketosis. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, support your heart health, or improve your overall well-being, these delicious options have got you covered.

How much magnesium do you need?

So I’ve been talking about the importance of magnesium in other topics, but I wanted to create a topic on what foods are high in magnesium that are also keto friendly .

So men need about 420 milligrams of magnesium every single day .

Women are a little less .

320 milligrams of magnesium every single day .

And there’s quite a few foods that have a good amount of magnesium that are not keto friendly .

Foods high in magnesium that aren’t keto-friendly 

Foods high in magnesium that aren’t keto-friendly

So we’re not gonna recommend it like fruit , grain , potato , beans , legumes and even tofu .

But I will say that if you are vegan and you’re trying to do keto , some tofu might be okay as long as it’s organic .

But generally speaking , I’m not recommending it .

I remember one time I went to Whole Foods and I saw these little chicken nuggets .

They looked really good .

So I I got some and I started consuming them and they just tasted very , very strange .

And I ate quite a bit of them and I started getting really really sick .

Well , come to find out , they weren’t chicken .

They were tofu chicken and , didn’t like it too much .

Keto-friendly magnesium-rich foods 

Keto-friendly magnesium

number 1 . Pumpkin seeds have a tremendous amount of magnesium , a 150 milligrams per ounce .

That’s 3 tablespoons .

Number 2 , spinach at a 157 milligrams per cup .

Now , if you’re a female , you need 320 milligrams .

So you could see that 2 cups of spinach will easily give you that requirement .

And then we have almonds at 80 milligrams per ounce .


So salmon has about 53 milligrams and if you wanted a visual of what that would look like , it would be about half of a fillet .

And then you have chocolate which has 64 milligrams per ounce .

Avocado , 58 milligrams per medium size avocado .

So you would have to consume quite a few avocados to reach , your daily requirements .

So again , it’s not that high but it’s higher than other foods .

Swiss chard has 29 milligrams per cup

And then cashews have about 28 milligrams per ounce .

So as I’m looking at this chart right here , it’s gonna be pretty easy to get your magnesium if you’re doing spinach or Swiss chard or other leafy greens that I did not mention here .

You can also do pumpkin seeds which seems to be pretty easy .

So all you would have to do is consume , several ounces of pumpkin seeds to get your daily amount of magnesium .

But I wanted to give you a few reference points on magnesium and how difficult it is if you look at the foods that have the most magnesium of any other foods .

And this explains why the majority of the population just doesn’t get enough magnesium nor potassium for that matter .

They don’t consume enough greens .

pumpkin seeds

They’re probably not consuming pumpkin seeds .

They might be consuming a lot of chocolate but of course with the sugar .

When I’m recommending chocolate , I’m recommending the sugar free chocolate .

key Points:

• Men need about 420mg of magnesium per day
• Women need about 320mg of magnesium per day

Magnesium-rich foods that aren’t keto-friendly:
• Fruit
• Grains
• Potato
• Beans
• Legumes
• Tofu (if you’re vegan and doing keto, some organic tofu may be fine)

Keto-friendly magnesium-rich foods:
• Pumpkin seeds
• Spinach
• Almonds
• Salmon
• Chocolate
• Avocado
• Chard
• Cashews


Healthy Keto Acceptable Foods List


What are magnesium-rich foods on the keto diet?

On a keto diet, focusing on foods high in magnesium yet low in carbs is key. Excellent keto-friendly options include:

  • Leafy greens (like spinach and Swiss chard)
  • Seeds (pumpkin seeds, chia seeds)
  • Nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts)
  • Avocado
  • Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel)
  • Cocoa and dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)

Which food has the highest magnesium?

Among the foods listed, pumpkin seeds are particularly high in magnesium, offering about 156 mg per ounce (28.35 grams), making them an excellent choice for boosting magnesium intake.

How do I get 100% magnesium in my diet?

Achieving 100% of your daily magnesium requirement involves incorporating a variety of magnesium-rich foods throughout your day. Pairing leafy greens with nuts and seeds in meals and opting for magnesium-dense snacks like dark chocolate can help meet your needs.

What food has the most absorbable magnesium?

Leafy green vegetables like spinach are not only high in magnesium but also contain vitamins C and E, which can enhance magnesium’s absorption. Nuts and seeds are also excellent sources with good bioavailability.

What food is highest in magnesium?

Pumpkin seeds rank among the highest for magnesium content, followed closely by chia seeds, almonds, and spinach. These foods can significantly contribute to your daily magnesium intake.

Magnesium-rich foods chart

Creating a chart that categorizes foods based on their magnesium content can be an effective way to plan your diet. Include categories for nuts, seeds, leafy greens, fish, and fruits, noting their magnesium content in milligrams per serving.

Keto magnesium deficiency

Those following a strict keto diet may be at risk for magnesium deficiency due to the restricted intake of certain fruits and whole grains. Symptoms of deficiency include muscle cramps, fatigue, and irritability. Incorporating keto-friendly magnesium sources can help mitigate this risk.

Drinks high in magnesium

Mineral water can provide magnesium and is keto-friendly. Additionally, homemade bone broth, unsweetened almond milk, and magnesium-enriched keto smoothies are great choices.

Keto potassium foods

Like magnesium, potassium is vital on a keto diet. Avocado, spinach, mushrooms, and salmon are rich in potassium and fit well into a keto lifestyle.

Dark chocolate magnesium

Dark chocolate is a delicious way to get magnesium. Choose varieties with 70% or higher cocoa content for lower sugar content and about 64 mg of magnesium per ounce.

Low-carb foods with magnesium and potassium

Avocados and leafy greens like spinach are low in carbs while being rich in both magnesium and potassium, making them perfect for keto dieters looking to maintain electrolyte balance.

Magnesium-rich fruits

While many fruits are limited on a keto diet due to sugar content, avocados stand out as a magnesium-rich, low-carb option. They also provide a host of other nutrients beneficial for overall health.

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