Vitamin D and the Magnesium Deficiency – IMPORTANT

Vitamin D and the Magnesium Deficiency

Discover the critical link between Vitamin D and magnesium deficiency. Learn how magnesium supports Vitamin D activation, enhances absorption, and maintains calcium balance. Ensure optimal health by addressing both deficiencies

Vitamin D and Magnesium Deficiency .

Today , I wanna talk about vitamin d and a magnesium deficiency .

There’s a very interesting relationship between vitamin d and magnesium that I think you should know about , especially since most of the population is deficient in both vitamin d and magnesium .

I think it’s 75% of the population has low vitamin d levels and 45% has low magnesium levels .

relationship between vitamin D and magnesium

And here’s what you need to know .

All of the enzymes involving the conversion of vitamin d to the active form of vitamin d are magnesium dependent .

relationship between vitamin D and magnesium

That means if you’re completely zero with magnesium , vitamin d will not work . Period .

And we know how important vitamin d is for bone , for bone pain , for insulin resistance , for your immune system , to prevent muscle cramps , cardiovascular problems with blood pressure and fatigue .

So magnesium allows vitamin D to work and vitamin D also allows magnesium to be absorbed by a factor of 30% .

So they’re both synergistically helping each other .

The calcium connection

Now there’s another mineral involved , and it’s calcium .

The calcium connection and magnesium

If you’re low in magnesium , you’re gonna have problems with that calcium because not only does vitamin d help the absorption of calcium by 20% in your gut , but magnesium also helps regulate calcium .

Magnesium helps prevent calcium from building up inside your arteries .

Magnesium is really good for blood pressure and just having elastic arteries to adapt to exercise and bounce back from stress , things like that .

 blood pressure

And it helps lower cortisol and it will help you sleep .

So there’s a certain ratio of calcium to magnesium that someone needs .

And roughly , you need like twice as much calcium as magnesium .

But nowadays , this ratio is really like 3 times as much calcium as magnesium .

Boost magnesium

And the simple solution is to increase your magnesium .

But the problem is how do you do that ?

Boost magnesium

Because the average person only consumes like 1 and a half cups of salad per day .

It’s not even probably the dark leafy greens that’s high in magnesium .

And also , like , I think it’s 83% of all the calories in the grocery store are ultra processed .

And that’s another way that people are deficient in magnesium because our foods are just stripped of all the magnesium .

And when we have this increase in calcium to a magnesium , then we start getting , you know , calcification of the arteries .

cancer , prostate , colorectal .

It even can increase the risk of different types of cancer , prostate , colorectal .

It can increase polyps , which potentially could end up going into a cancer state .

So I just wanted to put this on your radar to make sure you’re having enough of magnesium to allow vitamin d to work .

But also don’t forget about vitamin d .

You need that as well .

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