Vitamin A Deficiency – Causes of Dry Eyes Explained

In this post, we’re going to talk about Vitamin A Deficiency and what’s behind dry eyes .

So many people have it , and they don’t really know what it is , and they take these drops .

I used to have really bad dry eyes .

Vitamin A Deficiency: How it Almost Cost Me My Sight

In fact , I remember , driving across the country , and I was towing my car in the back because I had I was moving .

 Cost Me My Sight

And , basically , I’m driving down there .

I’m drinking all this coffee , eating the wrong foods , and my eyes start to get really dry to the point where I would close them and it would get sticky , and I couldn’t even see .

So I pulled off to the road and I got a hotel .

And I’m like , okay .

Good .

I can relax .

Right ?

So I have my eyes closed .

I wake up in the morning , and I open my eye , and I rip my cornea .

Would you believe that ?

And so here I am on a Saturday walking , blinded , like , trying to find an eye doctor on a Saturday morning .

So I found 1 , and he was he was busy until Monday .

I had to get home .

So I basically walked in the back , and I said , no .

No .

Excuse me .

No .

You have to help me .

I need to get moving , and I have everything packed up .

So he gave me some medication to get to the next the next state , when I was going .

But the point was , if I only known back then , this simple remedy , it would have been solved .

Vitamin A supplements should not be taken lightly

So dry eyes is a vitamin A deficiency .

Vitamin A

Okay ?

Now , it’s not just a matter of taking a supplement .

How do we even recommend taking a vitamin a supplement ?

It’s so easy to get it from the food .

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin .

Okay ?

Here are some foods that Vitamin A come in .

Like , you have cod liver oil .

Okay ?

Butter .

Yeah .

Egg yolk .

Those are really high in vitamin a .

Now , I also recommend you get your vitamin a from vegetables , but just realize it’s not a true vitamin a .

It’s a pre vitamin a that then converts to an active form .

So , kale would be really good .

Leafy greens would be really good .

Okay .

So , that all gives you parsley would be good .

Understanding Gallbladder Health and Its Impact on Vitamin A Deficiency

So , we want to add that into the mix , But some people are consuming these products , but it’s still not working .

Why ?

Understanding Gallbladder Health and Its Impact on Vitamin A Deficiency

Because they don’t have the strength of the gallbladder , and this is probably more common than the diet .

When the gallbladder becomes sluggish and you don’t produce enough bile , b I l e , you can’t break down the fat soluble , nutrients from the food .

So you never get the vitamin a .

So the vision at night is a problem , dry skin , sinus issues , sleep apnea , and dry eyes , but but in skin problems too .

So vitamin a is absorbed with bile .

And so if you don’t have enough and your gallbladder is sluggish because your diet’s been bad , then that’s probably why you’re deficient in vitamin a .

Okay ?

So , what do you do about it ?

Well , you can start eating better and consistently over a period of time .

You can also take some bile salts .

I have something in a gallbladder formula that you can I put a link down there to take ?

You take one after a meal and what will happen , it will give you the bile that you’re missing to put back to start absorbing the fat soluble vitamins .

But you’re gonna have to also correct your diet .

You just can’t live off a pill .

So , those are the two main reasons why you have dry eye .

It’s either your vitamin A is not coming from the diet or you’re not absorbing the vitamin A because your gallbladder and liver are messed up .

Okay ?

So I hope you enjoy this tip

Dr. Berg

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting

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